Air monitoring

 SAS Ltd are accredited by UKAS to 17025 testing for the provision of on site air monitoring

  • 4 Stage clearance
  • Leak test
  • Personal air monitoring
  • Reassurance air testing 
  • Perimeter sampling
  • Static sampling 
  • Background monitoring
  • Project management
  • Project management of removal

Management surveys

Asbestos Management Surveys are the standard survey for locating Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs), the condition and extent in an occupied building which could be disturbed or damaged. The purpose of the survey is to locate, as far as reasonably practical, ACMs and there extent, which will be easily disturbed in day-to-day running of the building.

Refurbishment Surveys

Refurbishment surveys are required prior to any major refurbishment works. All areas affected by refurbishment works must be surveyed. This survey is fully intrusive and destructive when needed to locate any ACMs in the building/area being surveyed, although due to the highly skilled workers at SAS Ltd damage will be kept to a minimum. The purpose of the survey is to safeguard any contractors carrying out the refurbishment works

Demolition Surveys

Demolition surveys are required when a building or part of a building is being demolished. SAS Ltd will work with demolition contractors to create a bespoke survey scope specific to each building. The survey is fully intrusive in all areas and may cause damage to the fabric of the building. The purpose of the survey is to locate all ACMs and there extent prior to demolition.

Some sites may require a combination or different survey types.

UKAS Accredited Surveys 17020 inspection

SAS Ltd is  UKAS accredited and all asbestos survey work is conducted in accordance with HSE publication Health and Safety Guidance 264 “Asbestos: The survey guide” ensuring clients receive the highest quality standards. 

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