Management with SAS Ltd

SAS Ltd works closely with it's clients to ensure that the duty holder (or representative) is fulfilling it's requirements in accordance with Regulation 4 of the control of Asbestos regulations. SAS Ltd will construct vigorous plans with their clients to ensure that potential disturbance of ACMs will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Steps for management of Asbestos to be taken by the duty holder

  • Reasonable measures are taken to locate any ACMs 
  • Asbestos register is on site with written record of any Asbestos/presumed asbestos with locations/conditions/extents
  • Materials presumed to contain asbestos unless there is strong evidence that they do not
  • A written management plan to ensure that the risk of anyone being exposed to any ACMs is kept to a minimum
  • Any asbestos/presumed asbestos is kept in a good state
  • Information on the location/extent/condition is given to anyone who is liable to disturbing the ACMs  

Management plan

A Management plan should be written to explain how any risks identified from Asbestos should be managed. This plan must include:

  • Identifying any persons responsible for managing the risks of Asbestos in the property
  • A copy of the Asbestos register and where it can be found

Refurbishment works

Any refurbishment works that take place on the fabric of the building cannot start without the relevant register being checked prior to starting. The plan should include:

  • The Asbestos register is checked prior to any works
  • Checks will be made that the plan has been understood
  • Checks will be made that the correct controls will be implemented and that competent asbestos trained workers will carry out the work

Duty of care

Regulation 4 (CAR) states that there is a duty to manage and requires that a suitable and sufficient assessment is made of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in non-domestic premises. An asbestos survey conducted by qualified, competent persons is often the most suitable and effective method of locating and identifying ACMs in a building.  It is also a major step towards having an effective and legally compliant management plan. In an initial consultation with us we can recommend a suitable strategy and, if required, the type of survey you may require.

SAS Ltd will create bespoke plans to ensure that the requirements are fulfilled in accordance with Asbestos regulations.